Graduated Students

– B. Th. [Bachelor of Theology]
– B. Min. [Bachelor of Ministry]
– Dip. Th. [Diploma of Theology]
– M. Min. [Master of Ministry]
– M. Div. [Master of Divinity]

2005 Graduates


1. Miss Buchue                                     B. Th.                          Akha
2. Miss Daisy                                        B. Th.                          Akha
3. May Su Win                                      B. Th.                          Akha
4. Miss Nan Sein                                   B. Th.                          Akha
5. Mr. Danzila                                       B. Th.                          Lisu
6. Mr. Gu George                                  B. Th.                          Lisu
7. Mr. Hla Naing Win                              B. Th.                          Lisu
8. Mr. Ngin Lam Cin Thang                     B. Th.                          Siyin
9. Mr. P. Koi                                          B. Th.                          Naga
10. Mr. Seyu                                         B. Th.                          Lisu
11. Mr. Tsaw Thura Aung                       B. Th.                          Lisu
12. Mr. Tsumang                                   B. Th.                          Naga


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  1. khawmpau says:

    we will update soon, for recent graduated students list..Thanks

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