Rules & Regulation


1. Disciplinary System
In order to assist and encourage each student to develop strong Christian character. ANTS maintains a reasonable and just system of discipline. Failure to observe the policies will result in fines or some kind of punishment.

A. Class Room

  1. Unexcused absences
  2. Any students late to class or a meeting [ later than 10 munities’ is counted as an absence ]
  3. Leaving the class without permission. [In case the teacher is out, stay in their room and study ]
  4. Absence from the seminary worship service

B. Going Out and Coming In

  1. A seminarian must receive permission from the Warden or Dean of Students only before leaving the campus for any reason.
  2. The only exception is going to market during day time for 30 minutes or less. [ One need not ask permission for it ]
  3. Seminarians are not allowed to go home on weekends. [ the practical work you do on Saturdays and Sunday is the most important part of the education ]
  4. Students who go out any places without permission will be fine or expelled

C. Dress Code
A Christian leader must be willing to maintain high standards of dress.

  1. All must be dressed neatly when they come to class or church or on visitation at all times
  2. Men:
    •  Shirts must be worn at all times except while inside the dorm.
    • Hair must be neatly cut and combed (must be above the eyebrow, ears…)
    • Decent shirts must be worn by all students
    • They should not wear necklaces or bracelets or earrings.
    • Shirts must be completely buttoned except for the top button.
    • They are allowed only to wear shorts when playing.
  3. Women:
    • Ladies are to be modestly dressed
    • Dresses must be worn down to the knees
    • They are not allowed to wear low cut necklines, shorts or pants

2. Dormitory and Campus Rules

  1. A seminarian is expected to have his/her room ready for inspection (… by the staff.)
  2. Dorms must be cleaned every morning. (Including beds, toilets, floors, surroundings)
  3. No cooking inside the dorms
  4. The lights may be turned on from 5:00 AM to 10:30 PM (the library lights will stay on till 11:30 PM according to the needs)
  5. Do not play any music past 6:30 pm and not before 6:00 am
  6. Do not disturb the sleep, or study of other students
  7. If a student has a friend or relative that wants to stay overnight he / she must ask permission first from the Warden
  8. Any student planning to have meetings of any kind, must obtain permission first.
  9. Any furniture or equipment may not be moved from any place without permission.

Leave or Absence

  1. Leave: Leave of absence is granted only to students who wish to temporarily interrupt their training for personal reasons. A request for leave must be made in advance in writing, or time away from school will be considered an unexcused absence.
  2. Absence: Regular attendance is expected of every student who is enrolled. Students who do not have a good attendance record or skip classes often will be fine or punished. Written excuses must be given for all classes missed and turned in to the teachers. If written excuses are not turned in that time, the absence will be considered unexcused. An excused absence is one that is due to illness, death in the immediate family, and any other unavoidable circumstances. Three unexcused absences in any one month will result in immediate dismissal. All student must attend 85% of the course in order to attain satisfactory attendance.
  3. Class Cut: Class cuts are not permitted and shall be recorded as unexcused absence.
  4. Tardiness: Any student not physically present at the start of his scheduled class period will be considered tardy, and the exact number of minutes will be recorded. Excessive tardiness such as three times unexcused in a five-day-period, shall be cause for discontinuance of training.

3. Disciplinary Cases: (Offenses)

  1.  Any conduct which threatens or endangers the life, health, and / or fro safety of any person within the campus. (carrying, using, possessing explosive, guns, bladed weapons)
  2. Destroying, defacing any Seminary property.
  3. Tampering with or forging school records document, etc.
  4. Tampering with official notices, announcements, etc. posted on bulletin board.
  5. Fraudulent representation of the Seminary such as:
    • representing the seminary without proper authorization or for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.
    • using any identity symbols or identification cards of the seminary without proper authorization or for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose.
  6. Producing or distributing materials that is defamatory, slanderous, libelous or subversive in nature.
  7. Engaging in immoral acts such as:
    • any sexual acts
    • immoral literature or pornographic materials
  8. Cheating (Examination)
    •  Unauthorized use of notes or any materials relative to the exam.
    •  Copying or allowing methods to copy from one’s exam papers. (both are liable)
    • Glancing or looking at another student’s exam paper or allowing student to glance or look at his examination paper.
    • Communicating with another student or any person in any form during an examination, quiz or test.
    • Having somebody else take an examination or test for one’s self or prepare a required report or assignment. (Both are liable)
  9. Plagiarism: Any act of incorporating into one’s own work, the work another without indicating that source is a serious matter, that can result in loss of grade, or even dismissal.
  10. Bringing or consuming liquor or possessing any prohibited substances such as drugs or chemicals
  11. Smoking, beetle nuts using khaini
  12. Gambling or betting in any form
  13. Neglect financial obligation
  14. Theft of seminary or personal property

4. Sanctions
A. Penalties for MAJOR Offenses are the following:

  1.  Probation: The condition that that student should undergo counseling sessions by the faculty.
  2. Suspension: One semester or One year BAR
  3. Dismissal: To issues transcripts so that he/she can join other seminaries
  4. Expulsion: It is an extreme administrative sanction debarring offending students from theological schools in Myanmar.

B. Penalties for MINOR Offenses are the following:

  1.  First Offense: to be reported to the Dean of students to his office (warning)
  2. Second Offense: 3 days suspension after being reported to the Dean and after due process.
  3. Third Offense: The parents and the student will be called for a conference.

C. Non-attendance in Seminary activities:

  • 1st Absence: Students are required to submit an excuse slip
  • 2nd Absence: Verbal counseling by the Class Teacher / Warden
  • 3rd Absence: Student will report to the Dean
  • 4th Absence: Students will be assigned suspension
  • 5th Absence: Students may be asked to withdraw from the seminary

D. Sanction for not observing the Dress Code

  • 1st Offense: Verbal counseling by Warden
  • 2nd Offense: Written warning and counseling by the Dean
  • 3rd Offense: Suspension

E. Other Kinds of Judgments

  1. Demerit System: The failure to obey any rules brings a penalty called “demerits” eg. tardiness, absence without excuse, off campus, opposite sex relationship.
  2. Fine: Campus arrival [old students], retake examinations, overdue books from the library

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