1. Expenses and Fees
Financial charges are due and payable at registration. A student will ordinarily pay all fees as incurred. All fees must be paid in full prior to graduation. In the course of his training the student may obligate himself for the following fees: (Academic Year 2010-2011)

Tuition fees 50,000
Room & Board 150,000
Graduation Fee (final year) 5,000

Miscellaneous   [50,000]
(a) Admission       1,000
(b) Library           10,000
(c) Medical           10,000
(d) Stationery     10,000
(e) Athletic            5,000
(f) Development 10,000
(g) Transcript     1,000
(h) Student aids  3,000
Total                   255,000

Payment may be made in two installments based upon the following schedule:

  1. First Installment: At the beginning of the first semester, students are to pay the miscellaneous fee and one- half (50%) of Tuition fee and Room and Board [messing]
  2. Second Installment: At the reopening of the second semester [November] pay the remainder 50%

*Fees are subject to change according to the economies of the country. Books and other personal expenses are additional. The student is encouraged to find his own sponsor to cover program course and living expenses. An increase in school fees is expected on a yearly basis with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

– A student will not be permitted to enroll in the new term if his bills have not been paid in full for the previous term.

No transcript will be released until all accounts are paid in full, including outstanding loans.

– Students who have outstanding accounts will not be allowed to take the final examination and / or will have their grades withheld until their balance is fully paid.
[NB. Text books, exercise books, supplies, laundry and incidentals may total K. 100,000-150,000 per semester, depending of course, on the individual student.]

2. Refund Policy
Refunds for unused tuition room/board are given only for students withdrawing from justifiable cause may be granted a refund of tuition only on the following graded scale:

– Before classes begin 100%
– Before 2nd Friday of class 75%
– Before 4th Friday of class 50%

No refund after the fourth Friday of class and refunds for room and board are made on the unused portion only.

3. Endowments
We have a plan for Scholarship Endowment, Faculty Endowment, General and Special Endowment, Memorial Gifts, and Bequests Gifts. (5-Year, 500 Lakh)

  1. Scholarship Endowment: A gift to establish an endowed scholarship is invested and the return on the investment will provide aid to deserving students for generations to come. [The minimum gift to establish a scholarship endowment is K. 30 million which can be paid over a period of years.]
  2. Faculty Endowment: A gift to establish endowments to support faculty salaries. Gifts of any amount will help us to keep salaries for faculty at an appropriate level K. 20 million.
  3. General and Special Endowments: General endowment income supports the overall program and operation of the seminary.
  4. Memorial Gifts: Memorial and honor gifts are welcomed and encouraged. Many people each year memorize or honor special persons with a gift to the seminary. Each of these gifts will be listed in the annual donor report along with the names of the persons memorialized or honored.
  5. Bequests: It can be an effective way of future giving, with no limit on the amount to a qualified done.

Form: “I give and bequest to ANTS the sum of Kyats ………….” It is requested that the Principal of the seminary be informed of any bequest to the seminary so that the donor may be enrolled in the Heritage Society.

4. Financial Aids
ANTS maintains programs of assistance to qualified students having difficulty meeting the cost of their theological education as well as to qualified students in certain other special categories. This assistance is provided in the form of scholarship and Work Assistance Program. (kitchen, library, gardening etc.] Application for any form of financial aid should be made well in advance of the opening of the first semester. The financial aid made available is an investment in the lives of the students who receive it. It is the expectation of the seminary and donors that students will show their appreciation by performing their best as unto the Lord.

5. Scholarship:
The scholarship listed below are made available. Students who qualify may receive only one of the scholarships. Students must be in good standing and maintain at least a ‘B’ average at ANTS in order to receive the benefits of the scholarship because of grade point average will forfeit the benefit for future years.

(a) Yangon Siyin Baptist Church (church and other fellowship)
(b) Myanmar Council of Churches – ATEM
(c) Myanmar Compassion Project
(d) Individual Contributions

6. An Invitation to Partnership

  1. Messing fees for 50 [seminarians & workers] for one month will cost K. 700,000 (US$ 700)
  2. A bag of rice will cost us K. 24,000 (US$ 24)
  3. Sponsor for a student cost us K. 350,000 (including incidental)

What We Necessary at ANTS,

(a) A power point projector
(b) A Casio / Yamaha Music Keyboard
(c) A telephone
(d) A Mini Bus

We earnestly need your help and prayer support for this ministry for the speedy fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Your sacrificial involvement in this eternal investment is highly appreciated. Praise God for this opportunity we have been given to make a difference in the lives of people around Myanmar.

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  1. John C Valte says:


    I John C Valte from Manipur,India would like to study in the college.Kindly,let me know of the fees in an indian rupees format.

    Thank You,
    John C Valte

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