Academic info


1. Admission Requirements
All incoming students are prayerfully recruited and the least evangelized tribes are given first priority for admission. It is the policy of ANTS not to discriminate on the basis of denomination, age, ethnicity, race, gender or physical capability. An application should first accomplish the following and send all to Admission Office of ANTS for proper evaluation before the due date. The Entrance Exam [assessment] will be held before the end of April. An acceptance letter will be mailed on or before the end of May.

  1. A completed application form for admission.
  2. Three recent photos (color, one inch square)
  3. The original certificate (photo copy) of matriculation or *(Diploma)
  4. A recommendation signed by both of applicant’ senior pastor and denominational leader (e.g. Association or Convention or Synod).
  5. Report of physical examination or statement by a physician of ability to pursue studies. [certifying that he/she is free from TB, Hepatitis, HIV]
  6. A written statement must include (How he/she came to know the Lord, Christian Service, call into full-time Christian ministry, and the reason why/she chooses ANTS.
  7. A letter of financial undertaking for the whole course of study.

NB. No application materials will be returned or transferred to another institution. Every seminarian is required to bring his/her national costume.

2. Undergraduate Degree Program
Bachelor of Theology (B. Th):
A (4) four-year full-time. B. Th. program for matriculated God called and church selected men and women from all over the country. It is to provide well-rounded theological education and musicological education for Christian workers, pastors, and missionaries. The B. Th Program required 152 credit hours.

Bachelor of Ministry (B. Min):
An intensive program is for Bachelor degree holder from non – recognized seminaries and colleges to obtain the Ministerial Membership in Myanmar Baptist Convention. The candidate must complete a certain requirements both class work and practicum for their degree completion. The program may last one academic year. The applicant must be a holder of Bachelor of Theology degree from any non-recognized seminary/college or *(Diploma from ATEM Schools)

3. Graduate Degree Program
The applicant must be a graduate of University or equivalent and she or he must sit assessment for admission.

Master of Divinity (M. Div) :
A three- year full-time M.Div. program for graduates from University, God called and church selected men and women from all over the country. It is to provide well-rounded theological education and musicological education for Christian workers, pastors, and missionaries. The M. Div required 90 credit hours; and the M.T.S required 64 credits hours.

Master of Ministry (M. Min) :
An intensive one year class work with project or thesis program is for material degree holder from non-recognized seminaries with at least two years ministry experienced to obtain the Baptist Ministerial Membership in Myanmar Baptist Convention. The candidate must complete a certain requirements both class work and practicum for their degree completion. Applicant must be a holder of Material degree from any non-recognized seminary/college.

Transferee Student: Original transcript of his/her former seminary/college and honorable dismissal letter must accompanied with a completed admission form for evaluation and consideration for possible transfer of credit. Any incomplete requirements (1-6, 8) will not process for admission.


1. Grading System

The 4.0 grading system is used to compute grade point standing. The grading system is as follows:

Grade Symbol Grade Point Value Percentage

Grade Symbol         Grade Point Value             Percentage

A                                              4.0                                94-100

A-                                             3.7                                90-93

B+                                            3.3                                87-89

B                                              3.0                                84-86

B-                                             2.7                                80-83

C+                                            2.3                                77-79

C                                              2.0                                74-76

C-                                              1.7                                70-73  

2. Class Attendance
Class attendance is compulsory and it excused only if reasons are valid (official permission is needed). None student whose attendance is below 70% of class periods for each subject shall eligible for class credit unless official permission is obtained. The student must obtain leave of absence of outside activity from Principals and sick leave or periodical absence from the Dean of Student.

3. Academic Requirements
All Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) and Bachelor of Ministry (B. Min.) students must maintain the minimum grade point average (G.P.A) of at least 2.0 or C. however, for Master of Ministry (M. Min.), Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S), and Master of Divinity (M. Div), (GPA 3.0 or B ) is required for graduation. But if anyone who obtain three failing grades in one semester will be withdrawn from seminary and also cheating in any form may occur dismissal from the seminary.

4. Privilege and Responsibility
The dormitories will be opened three days before the seminary re-opens and three days after he seminary closes. Repeaters will not be given hostel accommodation. Summer occupants are not allowed to stay in the dormitory without any special arrangement. No scholarship and student aid will be continued to any student who has failed to complete all the work for the previous year. The scholarship, grant in aid and work grant will be withheld or withdrawn to any student who has failed to obey rules and regulations.

5. Examination
ANTS has one mid-term and one final examination in each of the semester.

(a) Reschedule: Final examination may be rescheduled in the event of an emergency by special petition to the Principal. Rescheduling merely for reasons of personal convenient will not be granted.

(b) Failure, Re-sit (take), Repeat,

  •  A student is allowed to retake the examination for failed course (F) within two weeks after the start of the new semester.
  • If a (F) is registered again after the retake examination, and if it is a required course, the student is to repeat the course. A student is not allowed to re-do a failed course more than once.
  • If a student fails in an elective course, he is free to choose to make it up by a retake examination or re-do the course so as to fulfill the total credits required for elective courses leaving the former elective course an F (O).

(c) Assignment: No submission after two weeks of deadline will be accepted. [to be required to repeat the whole course]

(d) Unsatisfactory Progress: Students receiving failing grades are placed on probation for one week. If unsatisfactory progress continues beyond the probationary period, the student’s training will be immediately interrupted and all concerned will be notified accordingly. Student dismissed because of unsatisfactory progress may apply for reentrance.

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