Use the library, but don’t abuse it. Each year books are stolen, lost, or damaged. This is a waste of God’s money and materials.

  1. At the beginning of the each semester, each students is required to buy a library card for K.500
  2. He/she must give this card to the librarian each time checking out any books.
  3. Any one is not allow to take out any book without the library card.
  4. No book may be taken off campus under any circumstances.
  5. Books may be checked out for 3 days.
  6. If you are overdue, then he/she will be fine K. 100 per day.
  7. To avoid the fine, you need to renew the books that you borrowed.
  8. Failure to pay the fines means you can’t check out more books again until you pay your fines
  9. If you lose or destroy a book, even if it is only an accident, then you need to pay the entire cost
    of the books.
  10. You may not loan the books to anyone. You may not borrow a Library book from anyone else.
  11. Socializing (talking) is not allowed in the library at any time
  12. Only Librarian may check books in and out students
  13. Reference books may not be checked out (they may only be read inside the library)
  14. The library schedule will be posted in the library.
  15. Show your respect to our Librarian.

Thanks for your cooperation…

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