Student Conduct

ANTS’ discipline team deals with cases of an unethical behavior on the part of the students in the seminary. The disciplinary action may result whenever a student involves in the violation of personal or property rights of others or immoral or other unethical behaviors and other acts which do not conform to the Christian norm of living.

  1. Students are not allowed to drink (alcoholic), to smoke, to chew quanya and etc.
  2. Students are not allowed to read or look at questionable materials
  3. Students are not allowed to listen to or sing or play dirty songs and music
  4. Students are not allowed to go to questionable or sinful places
  5. Laziness is not tolerated. (eg. musicians) Character is more important than talent.
  6. A student may not talk or sit or touch of the opposite sex when they are alone at any time.
  7. Improper conduct such as: (fighting, rudeness or poor attitude, disrespect, gossiping, quarrelling, intentional disobedience, criticism, favoritism, tribalism, courting, stealing, cheating, etc.)

ANTS’ Code of Conduct

  1. ANTS administrative staff, faculty and students are expected to be sensitive to the principle of Christian living found in the scripture. The seminary has established specific guidelines for the context of faculty, staff, and student.
  2. Every body is to obey the rules and regulations of ANTS, and the law of our government. The ANTS administration reserve the right to act or delete rules and regulations as it seems necessary.
  3. Any ANTS student after two warnings by the authority concerned will be asked to leave the seminary (after the staff council have met and so decided)
  4. ANTS student found guilty of serious moral offences shall be expelled without warning.
  5. Any ANTS student leader who misapplies his/her role has to settle the case directly with the faculty council.
  6. Student who refuses to live according to the policy as set forth in the ANTS may be recommended for dismissal by the faculty and action will be taken by the Principal, Student shall be considered if discernable for re-enrollment after guidance and counseling with student’s dean.
  7. Admission needs the signature of the student who understands and agrees to abide by the statement of campus life (hostel and class).

About khawmpau

I came from Burma in May 1996. First I lived at Capital Heights, MD, and moved to Riverdale, MD at the end of 1997. Two years later, I moved to Greenbelt, at Spring Hill Lake Apt, and finally I brought a house by the grace of God in 2001 where I am living currently.
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