Spiritual Formation

The primary prerequisite for leadership in the body of Christ is godly character. Therefore, personal character, devotion to God and growth in Christian maturity is imperative at ANTS. Development of godly character and biblical conviction is emphasized both in the classrooms and in ministry situations. We believe all Christian ministries should be an overflow of a vital relationship with God. ANTS provides an environment where they are inspired and encouraged to grow in their spiritual life. All students are challenged to walk in growing fellowship with God through daily personal devotion, Bible study, corporate worship and witnessing. The students will be provided with the spiritual leadership and experience that will confirm and increase his personal faith and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ in his Christian walk, character and testimony to the world.

1.Evangelistic Campaign:
More than 90% of the students come from the nominal Christian background that they do not even know what the salvation is all about. There is a regulary evangelistic campaign for the students [especially fresh students who have never experienced regeneration] immediately after the seminary reopens. By the grace of God, almost all the students got saved through this effort. After being born-again they have a great passion for the lost soul beginning from their immediate family.

2. The Principal’s Teaching:
It is conducted once a week, on Tuesday morning at 6:00 to 7:00 AM for the spiritual growth of the students. The students are assigned one subject / issue [eg. Justification, Eternal Security, Election, Isaiah 53 etc.] Six small groups discuss the given topic for about half an hour, then the Principal has to conclude upon the report of each group.

3. Fasting and Prayer:
The first Wednesday of every month is set aside for seminary Day of Fasting and Prayer. All the ANTS family [fulltime faculty members, staff, and workers] are expected to participate in this monthly fasting and prayer. It usually lasts from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. A well-prepared Bible study is given by the faculty and the participants also give their testimonies especially how God answered their prayer in the time of hardship and crisis.

4. Prayer Room:
A room is provided at the second floor of the main building. Students are encouraged to use the room for their private devotions. The prayer room is reserved for devotional use only, not for study or other use.

5. Worship Services:
All students are required to attend all the worship services. The worship services are held at the Great Commission Hall, twice a day. Presides and speakers from the students are assigned by the worship committee by putting the list on the bulletin board one week ahead of time. Morning worship is conducted in Burmese, and evening is in English.

6. Week-end Ministry:
This ministry is a must for every student for the spiritual development of the students. The Christian Education Department assigns each student to go to mission fields, local and house churches all over Yangon city for the purpose of children ministry. They are urged not to be content with Church School level, but to do child evangelism on their level best. Although personal development is important, perhaps more important are the many and varied opportunities for outreach available to them as an ANTS student.

7. Gospel Trips:
ANTS students are also invited to travel the country on mission outreach trips. Whatever their God-given gift or talent, they can use it to meet the needs of people. As a soul-winning ministry, the seminary arranged short term Gospel trips to the remote areas such as Monywa and vicinity, Myittha, Mogok, several villages in Delta, Central regions and the outskirts of greater Yangon during summer holidays, semester break and Christmas break. They are to stay there for month and week to evangelize the non Christians as well as the nominal Christians.

8. Deeper Life Convention:
In order to be an effective tools for the spread of the gospel we, the children of God should become ‘mature in Christ.’ Our justification must lead to the process of sanctification. We must grow in holiness of life. God wants His children to grow up to know Him more and more intimately. For this reason, ANTS holds a Deeper Life Convention in the first semester of the academic year for the uplifting Christian living of the students.

9. Mission Emphasis Week:
Every seminarian is expected to be called by[of] God for a responsible person who is going to evangelize his own people after the graduation. Therefore, Mission Emphasis Week is held every year in the second semester to promote the mission spirit and awareness among the students as well as the faculty members. During that week, all sermons, Church School classes and bulletin board should have a mission focus. It is desired that the students would just naturally and of their own initiative, have a strong involvement and interest in spreading the Gospel around their own people and to their neighboring people.

About khawmpau

I came from Burma in May 1996. First I lived at Capital Heights, MD, and moved to Riverdale, MD at the end of 1997. Two years later, I moved to Greenbelt, at Spring Hill Lake Apt, and finally I brought a house by the grace of God in 2001 where I am living currently.
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