ANTS usually invites two ministers from outside (local or overseas) for a main speaker and another one for charge to the graduating students. Since from the inception, the Yangon Siyin Baptist Church is used for graduation celebration. ANTS seek to develop a community life among its members (board, faculty and students, friends and supporters). This commencement is the special time during the year for such united celebration. These gatherings are so important for the sense of creating true community spirit that ANTS urges the family, relatives and friends of the graduation students to participate. We have a plan for a refresher course for the alumni at this auspicious time.

(a) Requirements

  1. Evidence of sound doctrinal beliefs and a life of genuine Christian character befitting a person called of God to spiritual leadership and witness.
  2. Satisfactory completion of the prescribed course within the prescribed time limits.
  3. A cumulative grade-point average of at least (70%)
  4. Research or Thesis
  5. Settlement of all financial obligation to the seminary

(b) Annual Awards

Three awards may be given each year to the graduation students who best portray the ideal of ANTS in terms of character, ministry, academic and spiritual life. Recommendation will come from the Dean of Students and Warden. The award committee will review their Christian service and testimony. The final vote as this award shall be made by the faculty as a whole. These award consist of a plaque and a gift certificate worth K. 30,000.

  1. Academic [Daw Tina Niang Pau Award] She,our English teacher, was with the Lord in 2005
  2. Model [Col. Ngo Cin Pau Award] He, our first Board Chairman, was with the Lord in 2004
  3. Spiritual

About khawmpau

I came from Burma in May 1996. First I lived at Capital Heights, MD, and moved to Riverdale, MD at the end of 1997. Two years later, I moved to Greenbelt, at Spring Hill Lake Apt, and finally I brought a house by the grace of God in 2001 where I am living currently.
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