General Information

1. Location:

19/1, Myopat Road
Bogyoke Ywa, Thanlyin
Yangon Division.
056-22761 ( phone )

ANTS is located on a quarter acre beautiful mountain campus. The premises provides teaching facilities as well as dormitory for students, single faculty and workers. Thanlyin, 16 kilometers from downtown Yangon, is a historic town. Philip de Brito, a Portugese colonialist established a small kingdom for himself at Syriam [Thanlyin], and ruled as an independent monarch for thirteen years until Anaukphetlun-min, king of Burma, defeated and slew him in 1613. Philip de Brito forced the people to become Catholic. There are some ruined churches are still visible today.

2. Inauguration: June 1, 2001

3. Vision and Mission: “His Last Command, Our First Concern” Discipline A Whole Nation for the total evangelization of the whole country through ANTS seminarians. (Matt. 28:18-20)

4. Motto: “My Generation – My Responsibility”

5. Objectives:

  1. to revive (regenerate) the existing churches
  2. to plant new churches among all the racial groups

6. Goal:

  1. to produce 200 soul-winners before Judson’s Bicentennial (2013)
  2. to have 10,000 volumes of books within ten years (2011)
  3. to collect 50 million kyats within ten years for endowment fund

7. Recognition and Affiliation:

  1. Siyin Region Baptist Association (2001)
  2. Zomi Baptist Convention – FORTE (2004)
  3. Myanmar Baptist Convention – TED (2005)
  4. Myanmar Council of Churches – ATEM (2008)
  5. Myanmar Institute of Theology – affiliated for accreditation (2009)

8. Programs:

  1. Bachelor of Theology [4-year-course, Matriculated]
  2. Bachelor of Ministry [1-year-course, Bachelor Degree holder, 2-year-Christian ministerial experience]
  3. Master of Ministry [1-year-course, Master Degree holder, 2-year-Christian ministerial experience]
  4. Master of Divinity [3-year-course, for Secular Degree holder, 2-year-course for Sacred Degree holder]

[NB. more in detail on page ]

9. School Calendar:

  1. The regular school year begins on the first week of July and ends on the week end of February [since 2010-11 academic year].
  2. Classes are on a semester system ( one semester lasts for 16 weeks)

– The first semester is from July to October
– The second semester is November to February
– one week break between semesters.

3. We have Christmas and New Year Holidays for 2 weeks (gospel tour)
4. Classes are held from Monday to Friday

ANTS operates on the semester system. The academic year is divided into two 16-week semesters and two-week break. Christmas and semester break will be closed for one week each. The seminary will not be closed except for Christian Holidays [Christmas and New Year] and Public Holidays [Independent Day, Union Day, Peasants’ Day, Martyrs Day] Full time students take 16 hours per semester. Class attendance is compulsory and is excused only if reasons are valid.

Tentative Calendar

Campus Arrival – June 28, 2010
Orientation – July 1
Classes Begin – July 2

Evangelistic Campaign – July 12-15
Deeper Life Convention – August 12-13
Mid-term Exam – August 25-31
Classes End – October 15
Final Exam – October 25-29
Semester Break – October 30-November 7


Campus Arrival – November 7
Classes Begin – November 8
Mission Emphasis Week – December 6, 7
Mid-term Exam – December 20-23
Christmas Break – December 24-31
Campus Arrival – January 1, 2011
Classes End – February 11
Final Exam – February 14-18
Commencement – February 20

10. Seminarians:
We have 24 different ethnic groups from different parts of Myanmar, ranging from the border of China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos.

(1) Akha (2) Akhie (3) Kachin (4) Kaya (5) Kayin (6) Lahu (7) Lisu (8) Myanmar (9) Myaungzi (10) Naga (11) Palaung (12) Rakhaing (13) Shan (14) Wa, and several different Chin tribes such as (15) Thado, (16) Tedim (17) Laimi (18) Matu (19) Laitu (20) Asho (21) Daianpetlet (22) Cho-Mindat (23) Khumi-Paletwa (24) Siyin. We have 72 graduates so far.[upto 2010]

11. Library:
In order to train excellence in the theological education, an excellent library is essential. We have a very limited books [only about 3,000 useable books.] and many of our books are not current, and there are deficiencies in some areas. We try to increase on our level best…

  1. Designated funds are welcome
  2. Donated books are welcome too
  3. Titles published later than 1995 are most welcome.

12. Buildings:

1. Main Building
– First Floor: [ Gents’ Dormitory ]
– Second Floor: [ Admin. Office, Principal’s Residence, Prayer Room]
2. The Great Commission Hall
– First Floor: [ Ladies’ Dormitory ]
– Second Floor [ Chapel, Class Rooms
– Third Floor [ Library, Class Room ]
3. Hostel
– First Floor: [ Staff’s Dormitory ]
– Second Floor: [ Gents’ Dormitory ]
4. Dining Hall and Kitchen [ built in 2009 ]

13. Christian Activities / Responsibilities

  1. Every seminarian is expected to be born-again and have the call of God for His ministry
  2. Everybody has a personal devotion (quiet time) at least once a day
  3. All seminarians are required to go for soul-winning and on visitation at all scheduled times.

14. Publications
A booklet by the name of “A Letter from Hell to You” was translated into Burmese by the Principal himself in 1989 with more than 500,000 circulations. It is still being printed till today. ANTS students from Naga and Akha translated into their own languages for printing. ANTS publishes a Quarterly Journal [in English and in Burmese], namely, “Good News for All Nations” since December, 2009. It includes, poems, cartoons, sermons on Salvation, Evangelism and Mission, testimonies, quotations, and ANTS news. To be included in the mailing list, please contact to:

Bldg 2, Room 24, 51st Street,
Botahtaung 11161, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: 397 348

15. Activities:
Each student is required to assist in the library, dining hall and participate in health, literature, music, worship, sport, social and fellowship with other schools and churches. All students must wear school uniform on every Monday and Friday and all occasional school activities. Students are exposed to other learning opportunities as they participate in events like in service training or internship, field education, field trip or excursions, mission trips, church sponsored activities, and visits to various churches.

16. Field Education:
All degree students should consult warden or chaplain or FE director for proper assignments and special arrangement for supervised Field Education.

About khawmpau

I came from Burma in May 1996. First I lived at Capital Heights, MD, and moved to Riverdale, MD at the end of 1997. Two years later, I moved to Greenbelt, at Spring Hill Lake Apt, and finally I brought a house by the grace of God in 2001 where I am living currently.
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