Article -1: Name and Place
The name of the institute shall be All Nations Theological Seminary, and official seal shall represent name and vision of the seminary. Wherever in this constitution the “seminary” is mentioned, it shall be taken as referred to the All Nations Theological Seminary, briefly A.N.T.S.

Article -2: Relation to YSBC and SRBA
The seminary shall submit an annual report to the Board of Trustees—seminary council (ANTS, YSBC – EC; SRBA – EC). In case of dissolution, the assets of the seminary shall be taken over by the Board of Theological of Siyin Region Baptist Association or Yangon Siyin Baptist Church.

Article -3: Mission and Objectives
The vision and Mission of All Nations Theological Seminary in short (ANTS) is Discipline A whole Nation [DAWN] (Matt. 28:19-20) and is to become the finest Missionary Training Center in Myanmar. Firstly, to produce at least 200 soul winners before Judson’s Bicentennial AD 2013. Secondly, to collect at least 10,000 volumes within (10) years. Finally, to raise mission endorsement fund of pledge in cash or in kind from like minded partners individual, agencies, and churches for an income generation projects to support ANTS in advancing Christ for total evangelization of all the tribes in Myanmar through Biblical, historical, theological, musicological, practical and Christian higher educations.

The objectives, and purpose of the seminary is to regenerate, revive, renew the existing churches, and to plant new churches among all the tribes. It is also to prepare servants who will faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ with evangelical passion and missionary skills in the biblically-grounded and cultural- relevant ministries to those who are matriculated and graduated and being called by God and church selected men and women to serve Him in the Christian mission and ministry.

Article -4: Conferring of Degree
The seminary or college shall have autonomy of confer the degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Theology (B. Th)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) major in Christian Studies, Educational Studies, Intercultural Studies, and Leadership Studies (projected)
  3. Bachelor of Ministry ( B. Min) required Non – accredited Bachelor degree
  4. Master of Divinity in Musicology (M. Div or MTS)required B.A, B. Sc, B. Th.
  5. Master of Ministry (M. Min) required Material with three years experience
    All certificates shall be signed by: Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Principal, Dean of Academic, and Registrar

Article -5: Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees as the managing body shall be the final authority of the seminary. It shall consists of the following:

  • Chairman: Dr. Thang Za Lian
  • (1) S. R. B. A: General Secretary
  • (2) Y. S. B. C: Chairman
  • Ex-Officio: Rev. Dr. Lam Cin Thang (Principal);
  • Rev. Dr. Vungh Lian (Dean of Studies cum Vice Principal)
  • Mr. Thawng Khan Lian (Dean of Students);
  • Ms. Htar Htar Aung (Registrar)


  • Rev. R. Pome Za Lian
  • Rev. D. Kip Thian Pau
  • Zo Zam Cin Pau
  • Dennis Thaw Zin Naing
  • Aye (s) Htwe [Alumni]
  • All: 14 Members

They shall be elected by the bodies concerned triennially. The principal of the seminary shall act as the Board Secretary. The General Secretary (GS) cum Board of Theological Education (SRBA or YSBC) shall act as the chairperson.

Duties: See governance and management. In the interval between the board meeting, a five member committee shall act on behalf of the Board. Actions taken shall be reported to the next board meeting for approval.

Article -6: Staff Council
The Staff council shall consist of the Principal, and all faculty, Librarian, and Accountant, Duties: see-governance and management. Next article gives duties in detail. The council is responsible to revise the students council that aims be better reached, or to dissolve the council if aims fail.

Article -7: Officers, Staff, Workers [Job Description]
Principal: The Principal shall act as administrative head, represent and act on behalf of the seminary in matter pertaining to public relation and promotion, preside at the meetings of the staff council, be an ex-officio member of all committee of the seminary, present annual report to board of trustees and a member of S.R.B.A. Board of Theological Education (BTE) to achieve the seminary vision, mission, objectives, and core values.

Vice Principal: The Vice Principal shall act such power and responsibilities as may be delegated to him by the Principal and represent him on the committee when he is not available. In the same manner, the Vice Principal will serve as on behalf of the Principal when there is necessary such as he shall be an ex-officio member of all committee of the seminary, present annual report to board of trustees and a member of SRBA. Board of Theological Education (BTE) to achieve the seminary vision, mission, objective, and core values.

Dean of Studies: Academic Dean shall act as a personnel to delegate and authorized by the Principal or Vice Principal to represent on the committee when he is not available. In particular the dean shall be responsible to arrange academic time table, compute credits required, adjust the academic load, notify college schedule and schedule for activities, and issue the transcript of record objectives by educational plan and curriculum design in line with quality educational services.

Dean of Students: The Dean of Students shall be responsible to guide students in the areas of schedule for daily activities like campus work, social as well as recreational life, general conduct (discipline), and health provisions. The overall responsibility of the dean of students is to meet seminary vision, mission, and objectives by guidance and counseling to the student individual needs with quality student services.

Registrar: The Registrar shall be responsible to act admission processor and assessment for placement of incoming students as well as returning students regarding tardiness, grading, educational matter and evaluation of the student performances. Registrar act as mediator between academic affairs and student progressiveness in study concerning registration, rules and regulation, cooperatively working together with academic dean and the principal to meet seminary vision, mission, and objectives.

Outreach or Field Education: Field Education facilitator shall be regarded as the seminary Chaplain, shall be responsible to oversee the chapel, outreach, internship, field education, church visitation, care and counseling. An overall responsibility of FE facilitator is to meet the seminary vision, mission, and objectives.

All Faculty: No earned leave is provided for a faculty during semesters. Study leave is provided for a full time faculty after three years of services if there is a program for sabbatical, furloughed, and further study. All full time faculty are required to be a minister member of Siyin Region Baptist Association. Summer vacation is used for personal engagements, research and seminary assignment to that all may be adjusted. An over-all involvements must meet seminary vision, mission, and beliefs.

Librarian: shall be responsible to promote the library book volumes, shall also be responsible to keep sections in order and maintain library conduct and shall be responsible to stick to the library budget, approved by and submit to the principal. The librarian is required and resourceful to meet the vision, mission, and objectives of the seminary.

Treasurer: Treasurer shall be responsible to property keep the financial documents like pass books and others, using books, with cash maximum for ten thousand Kyats shall be responsible for payment like salary and others which are already passed from the desk of controlling officer. It is to be a good steward to stewardship the treasures to meet the vision, mission, objectives, and core values of the seminary.

Accountant: Accountant shall be responsible to properly keep records of receipts and payments. Accountant present the monthly statement of account to the principal, and when authorized, may do for drawing and disbursing work. An over-all responsibility of treasurer is to be a good steward to stewardship the treasures to meet the vision, mission, objectives, and core values of the seminary.

Maintenance: The coordinator is responsible for campus facilities development.

Warden: Warden is responsible to care for the emergency case of students in hostels she/he is responsible to take care of the daily in-and-out activities of students in hostels.

Clerk: The clerk is responsible for the upkeep of typing [keyboarding] and duplicating materials and is to orderly keep files, correspondence materials and others. The clerk is not to do typing work for outside materials.

Cook: Cook is appointed in accordance with seminary activities and needs. Cook is appointed in consultation with the student council. Cook duty covers from July through February. Cook is instructed to practice care and attention in work.

Article -8: Meeting and Quorum
The Board of Trustees shall meet every Monday of the last week of the month. An emergency meeting may be convened upon the request of five members. A quorum shall require 50%. The faculty shall have four meetings a year. The full time administrative staff shall have every Monday meeting. A quorum shall require at least two thirds of its members.

Article -9: Amendment
The ANTS constitution may be amended by a majority votes of the total members at any regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been circulated to all members at least one month ahead. However, amendment shall take effect only after the approval of YSBC or SRBA.


Constitutionally speaking. All Nations Theological Seminary (ANTS) operates as Baptist institute for mission, theology and Christian higher education for total evangelization of Myanmar. However, in practice its management and programs are very much interdenominational in a sense the teaching – learning is biblically sound, evangelical passion to win souls and ecumenical. It always opens its door wide to admit those who are preparing for Christian ministry as well as mission and service irrespective of their churches, mission agencies and denominations.

The principal is the administrative head and chief executive officer of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff council. The principal is responsible for the correspondence in the name of the seminary. The principal presides at the meetings of the staff council; is ex-officio member of all committees of the seminary or college. The principal makes an annual financial report to the SRBA EC/ YSBC EC. The teaching staff council consist of the principal and all faculty members. The staff shall have control and oversight of the seminary rules and regulations.

The Board of Trustees shall be elected triennially and meet at least four times in an academic year. The duties of Board of Trustees are to upkeep buildings, to maintain grounds and physical equipment, to make recommendation to new appointment, scale of salary, fees and budget to either SRBA / YSBC, its plan, to supervise teachings, finance, extension and winding up of the class and subject syllabus, to offer and confer the degrees, to determine admission, graduation, to sell and dissolve the tangible things of the seminary/college, to control income and expenditure of the seminary, and the over all responsibility is to integrate the vision, mission, and objectives of the seminary.

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