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Graduated Students

– B. Th. [Bachelor of Theology] – B. Min. [Bachelor of Ministry] – Dip. Th. [Diploma of Theology] – M. Min. [Master of Ministry] – M. Div. [Master of Divinity] 2005 Graduates   1. Miss Buchue B. Th. Akha 2. … Continue reading

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Student Conduct

ANTS’ discipline team deals with cases of an unethical behavior on the part of the students in the seminary. The disciplinary action may result whenever a student involves in the violation of personal or property rights of others or immoral … Continue reading

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ANTS usually invites two ministers from outside (local or overseas) for a main speaker and another one for charge to the graduating students. Since from the inception, the Yangon Siyin Baptist Church is used for graduation celebration. ANTS seek to … Continue reading

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Faculty Members

FULL TIME Lam Cin Thang* BA, BD, D.Min Practical Studies, Missions BA, (1968) Yangon University; BD, (1983) Union Biblical Seminary, Yavatmal, India; D. Min (2007) Union Theological Seminary & Myanmar Institute of Theology Vungh Lian* B.Sc, BRE, BD, M.Th, D.Min … Continue reading

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Curriculum Design

To be published …

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Department of Studies

1. Biblical Studies BS 101 OT I: An historical study of the Old Testament, introducing the literature, religion, and national life of Hebrews. BS 102 OT Theology: An introduction to the major themes in the Old Testament, such as God, … Continue reading

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A. PROGRAMS 1. Admission Requirements All incoming students are prayerfully recruited and the least evangelized tribes are given first priority for admission. It is the policy of ANTS not to discriminate on the basis of denomination, age, ethnicity, race, gender … Continue reading

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Article -1: Name and Place The name of the institute shall be All Nations Theological Seminary, and official seal shall represent name and vision of the seminary. Wherever in this constitution the “seminary” is mentioned, it shall be taken as … Continue reading

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Domitory & Student Life

DOMITORY All full time, unmarried students are required to live on ANTS campus during academic year until their graduation. Rooms are assigned to students in the order in which the applications are received but rooms are available only for qualified … Continue reading

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